These clinically proven ingredients act as the “First Line of Defense” Against Varicose Veins

  • DiosVein® is the premium brand of diosmin, the bioflavonoid from oranges that blocks varicose veins from starting. DiosVein® is the exact same brand used in dozens of clinical trials and proven to work. Oraescin has the full clinical dose of 900mg.

[Image: half-orange-slice]DiosVein® is the micronized form of diosmin. Micronization makes the bioflavonoids extremely small so they are better absorbed and more effective. Cheap, generic, imitation products may NOT be micronized.

DiosVein® is manufactured in Spain by the leading producer of diosmin in the world. DiosVein® has been successfully used by thousands of doctors and hospitals in Europe for decades as the proven first line of defense against varicose veins!


The Spanish company that makes DiosVein® supervises and controls the harvest of the oranges so that the quality of the bioflavonoids is very high – and you know what you are getting. Plus, the solvents used to extract the active ingredients are Class III solvents that are the safest, cleanest and most environmentally safe solvents. The Spanish producer is the only company currently using these safer solvents.

  • Hesperidin

Hesperidin is another type of bioflavonoid found in oranges. Hesperidin combined with diosmin has been proven to work in dozens of European clinical trials. I insisted on putting in the full clinical dose of 100mg.

The Research shows DiosVein® plus Hesperidin work together to defend against varicose veins!


In a worldwide study carried out in 23 countries involving 5,052 patients over a period of two years, researchers studied the effectiveness of DiosVein® plus hesperidin. Here are the stunning results…3

81% of the patients in the study fell into classes 2 to 4 (0 best – 4 worst) so they were in pretty bad shape.

The patients improved significantly in EVERY MEASURE of vein health that protects against getting varicose veins, concluded the researchers.

Leg Heaviness – one of the first clues that you have or will have varicose veins. 94% of the people in the relief study had leg heaviness. After treatment, over half (53%) had COMPLETE RELIEF. Remember, leg heaviness is one of the warning signals of varicose veins.

Sensation of Swelling – After treatment, more than 90% of people were relieved from sensation of swelling. Swelling is another warning signal of varicose veins.

Leg Cramps – 53% had complete relief of leg cramps.

Leg and Ankle Swelling dropped by 1.2 cm – a highly significant improvement and proof that DiosVein® helps protect against varicose veins.

Leg Pain dropped up to 3.6 points A standard pain scale called VAS (Visual Analog Scale) has the person mark on a line 10 cm long, how much pain they have and how much pain is reduced by treatment. 0 is no pain, 10 is worst pain imaginable. The pain drop in this study was highly significant.

“By acting on all parameters – veins, lymphatic and microcirculation, micronized diosmin and hesperidin represents treatment of choice for treating the edema that can lead to varicose veins”.4

In plain English, this means that…

…DiosVein® plus hesperidin dramatically improved the two main causes of varicose veins – weak veins and poor circulation.

Overall effectiveness in symptoms that lead to varicose veins –

  • 83% of investigators said treatment with DiosVein® was good or excellent
  • 79% of patients said good to excellent results with DiosVein® plus hesperidin!!

There’s more… Some ingredients have one or two studies – if you’re lucky. However DiosVein® plus hesperidin has dozens of first-class, scientific studies, all showing success in protecting against varicose veins. Here are just a few of them:

Research Proof #2<--

IMPROVES CIRCULATION, IMPROVES VEIN WALLS, RELIEVES PAIN AND BLOCKS VARICOSE VEINS Deterioration of venous wall tone followed by valve dysfunction eventually leads to varicose veins. The whole process of venous wall stretching and dilation is painful and may present as leg heaviness and a sensation of swelling.

Diosmin plus hesperidin relieves these symptoms and improves microcirculation. It may be used at the first sign of symptoms and is the first line treatment at any stage.5

Research Proof #3<--

IMPROVES VEIN WALLS Flavonoids are widely used for the treatment of weak veins and poor circulation. The combination of diosmin and hesperidin improved venous tone and vein elasticity assessed by plethysmography. 6

Research Proof #4<--

STRENGTHENS VEIN WALLS AND IMPROVES VEIN CIRCULATION Clinical studies demonstrated that diosmin plus hesperidin increases venous tone, it improves lymph drainage, and it protects the microcirculation.7

Research Proof #5<--

GREATEST BENEFIT! – STRENGTHENS VEIN WALLS AND HELPS CIRCULATION Diosmin plus hesperidin has demonstrated the greatest clinical benefits in patients with vein weakness and poor circulation.8

Research Proof #6<--

HELP FOR PAINFUL LEGS The clinical improvement suggests that diosmin plus hesperidin mainly works by modifying the microcirculatory environment. These ingredients would be especially useful for symptomatic relief in patients who do not have clinical evidence of varicose veins but suffer from painful leg symptoms.9

Here’s how DiosVein® plus hesperidin found in Oraescin works 6 ways to defend against varicose veins

  • Strengthens vein walls against painful stretching and dilation
  • Increases drainage of lymph circulation so pressure doesn’t build up and weaken your veins
  • Protects the microcirculation in your capillaries to support healthy venous system
  • Inhibits inflammation
  • Reduces capillary permeability so blood doesn’t leak out causing ugly purple stains
  • Reduces swelling that blocks off circulation


  • Horse Chestnut Seed Extract

Horse Chestnut Seed Extract has also been used in France and the rest of Europe for years to stop varicose veins.

In fact, it’s been proven to work as well as ugly, uncomfortable compression stockings to improve vein circulation in legs – a common treatment for varicose veins. Even our U.S. governmental health institutions say Horse Chestnut Seed Extract works.

Medline Plus, the health information site of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health rates Horse chestnut seed standardized extract (aescin) “LIKELY EFFECTIVE” for varicose veins and circulation problems, pain, tiredness, swelling in legs, itching and water retention.

You get the full clinical dosage of 250mg (providing 50mg aescin) in Oraescin®.

Horse Chestnut Seed Extract Equal to Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins

A word of WARNING: Don’t think just any cheap, ground up horse chestnut seed will work. Only a specific, powerful horse chestnut seed extract standardized to aescin is proven in gold standard clinical trials to strengthen veins and reduce varicose veins.

Did you try using those ugly, uncomfortable compression stockings to help your varicose veins? They may help your circulation (though they do nothing to strengthen veins walls), but most people stop using them because they hurt. You don’t have to suffer in those stockings. Order Oraescin TODAY

Research Proof #7<--

[Image: man hold knees]

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE FOR STRENGTHENING VEINS Horse chestnut seed extract has been shown in numerous clinical trials to be a highly effective therapy for strengthening veins and reducing painful leg symptoms, equal to that of compression stockings.10

Research Proof #8<--

PROVEN A CLEAR WINNER TO HELP VARICOSE SYMPTOMS 18 clinical trials with a total of 1,258 subjects and three observational studies with 10,725 subjects were reviewed. Overall, horse chestnut seed extract reduced swelling, leg pain, itching, fatigue and tenseness.11

Research Proof #9<--

UGLY DISCOLORATION DISAPPEARS! In an important clinical trial, 39 patients with varicose veins took 20mg aescin, three times daily, and applied a 2% aescin gel topically twice daily for 8 weeks. Fifty-eight percent of subjects reported good overall efficacy. Blue skin discoloration, pain, edema, and leg heaviness were significantly improved compared to baseline. 12

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